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December 19, 2008


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Jamie Sampson

that's all folks.... said in a super excited, these rock voice.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. You are amazing. I love clients that are willing to do what it takes even if it means a little discomfort. And I have to say, when you get photos like that, the discomfort is completely worth it. :)

Paige Green

OH I LOVE SISTER SHOTS!!! these are beautiful, and kudos for you and the girls for braving the weather.

Cindy Schafer

absolutely beautiful girls and beautiful shots Michelle! Kudos to you for puttin' on your boots!!! hope you got that hot chocolate a little later :)


These are adorable. How fun to photograph sisters. Looks cold but they look so comfortable together!


Cute girls and great photos. Makes me want a sister.

-a [b] school friend


Yes, beautiful is the word. The sisters are beautiful and the pictures are beautiful as well. They obviously enjoy being with each other.


Great work! I'm impressed with the girls commitment I can guarantee I would have wanted to curl up in a ball!!


Beautiful girls! Your shots are amazing!


Such beautiful photos!

Brandon Perron

Fun shoot...the sisters seem very close, that is always wonderful to see!


Those are some brave sisters and you for working in the cold! Awesome images.

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