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March 02, 2010


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Absolute perfection! You have done it again :). How long does it take you to "mold" these little bits?

Sheila D.

The "I wish I was still in my Mommy's warm belly pose", the lips, the dangling leg...baby is perfect and you have an amazing gift!

Heather Beaulac

Michelle, I had no doubt that this photo shoot would be wonderful, but these photos surpass what I was expecting. You truly have a gift with your photography, although it doesn't hurt to have an adorable subject!! oxox


So soft and beautiful. The parents will love them!

kristianne koch riddle

cute, cute, cute. love the last one. she must have been really sleepy. how fun!

Alicia Bouchard

Michelle i knew that the pictures were going to come out beautiful, but these are absolutley incredible!!! You have an amazing gift. I am so happy that you photographed my daughter Aryana. These pictures are going to bring a lifetime of happiness and great memories! You have captured some great moments. The photo shoot was so much fun and you are great with babies! Thank you again i am looking forward to see the other pictures!

clever tomato

Bella Luce~ Amazing Photographer. Beautiful photographs.

Cindy Bryce

Well of coarse I am thrilled with the photo's and look forward to seeing the rest! I knew you would capture everyone's heart with little Aryana as she has captured us! Your work is absolutly outstanding! Thank you so much for coming at the last minute and making some wonderful lasting memories for us.

P.S. Also had a good time!!! lol

Marilyn Pinet

Love the dangling foot pic! Beautiful !

Erin Connelly

These are great! Have had fun checking out your blog, beautiful work :)
This last one with the old crate and beautiful mossy blanket is my fave!
Where did you find those props?

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